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Dongguan Wangyu Hardware Electronic Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Wangyu Hardware & Electronic Products was established in 2011 in Ludong Community, Humen Town. The company has been committed to the development, production and sales of audio speaker networks and zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting accessories. Customers include: Ferrari, Philips, Hama, Pure, Grundig, Technisat , IHome, etc.

Based on the lofty concept of people-oriented and honest management, the company pursues the goal of producing high-quality, high-quality, high-precision hardware products.

With the expansion of factory business, we continue to introduce more advanced equipment to make product quality more perfect.

Company vision: To be the most outstanding hardware processing manufacturer in Guangdong Province.

Company's main products:

    1. All kinds of metal mesh covers, mesh holes include round holes, squares, rectangles, diamonds, ovals, triangular holes, aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh, etc.

    2.Chassis case, precision stamping parts

         Such as switch shell, digitizer shell, network set-top box shell, speaker back panel, various small brackets, shrapnel, etc.

    3.Aluminum products

         Such as hard drive shell, music player shell, electronic cigarette pull aluminum tube.

    4.Zinc alloy die castings

         Such as the stroller receiving frame, headset arm, sliding arm, U disk shell, data cable shell, electronic cigarette zinc alloy die-casting shell.

    5.Aluminum alloy die castings

         Such as smart door lock housing, vehicle heat sink, energy-saving motor vehicle accessories, etc.

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Stamping Address: No. 1 Ningzhou Road, East Community, Humen Town, Dongguan City

Phone: 0769-85156714

Die-casting Address: Xinxing Road, No. 4 Industrial Zone, Nanzha, Humen Town, Dongguan City

Phone: 0769-89797322

Tel: 13532367000  Mr. Lin

Email: hatoak@163.com